例えばカメラだったり、衣装だったり、技術だったり、映画を作る時に色々な要素を整えるのは、基本の流れ。そこに壁が見えると、作り手と観客はパラレルな まま、止まる。しかし、映画作りというのは、本来雲を掴むような、大それたことではあり得ない。映像に限らず、写真も、服のデザインも、音も、きっかけが 再び流れを生む。


Rina Naganuma

A film director resident in Sapporo,Japan. The movie production group "eizoko" supervision.
Start a filmmaking than 16 years old .
The showing event "to show" the work by a peculiar style simultaneously with a movie "the make" will be also the style held in Hokkaido, Tokyo and Yokohama.
CM and TV drama, music video, a lecturer, the workshop at the university perform picture production widely.
That most are important in and has published work to collaborate and pursue the theater and classical music , such as various representations 's a "movie representation " " A Devoted Garden garden (丹青な庭)" ( 2002 ) is invited screened at the "Lyon Asian Cinema & Culture Festival2002 " ( Lyon, France ) .

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