FILM | 2019

A girl is broken after failing to become a dancer. She visits a mountain village, where she meets an old woman with dementia. Her new friend brings a ray of light back into her life.

M&E, 30 minutes reedited film
Producer:Viroj SUTTISIMA
Screenplay:NAGANUMA Rina
Cinematographer:Thanakrit UTHAICHAN
Editor:Rina NAGANUMA

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2019(Bucheon, Korea) Offcial selection.

Undone by a touch - 触れると、ほどける

ドラマ | 北海道テレビ(HTB) | 2016

Shoko had suffered a loss of taste as a result of not being able to get over her boyfriend’s death. Tsukasa, who works at a flower shop, still has an overwhelming sense of loss following his sister’s death and has a secret coping habit which he can’t share with anyone. He takes discarded flowers home from his work and keeps them in his room, but they all dry up and remain, dead in the vases.
When Shoko sees the vases in his room, she feels she has found someone for the first time who feels like her. She then asks him to go a special place with her.


M&E, 82 minutes reedited film with E-sub x 1 episode (2017) 23 minutes x 3 episodes (2016) available for broadcasting Screenplay & Directed by Rina Naganuma Produced by HTB Hokkaido Television Broadcasting PIC : Shun Hashiya


MV| 2015

DEPAPEPE official website

re:design myself

IV | 2013

There are woman, she feels delight and a fear in the bilateral character in itself between the girl and the woman.
She's escaping from something.
Light is chasing her The color closes her sight.
When being changed by myself, even if it's dazzling,
I can walk.

“re:design myself” is composed of seven short, one minute film clips. Between each clip is a monologue which provides a story line.
Seven short films consisting only of images and music. No words to explain various expressions and feelings. See passion swings in the interval between ‘a girl’ and ‘the woman’ where an unseen girl lies hidden within another.

10min / Written&Directed Rina Naganuma
Rena Hashimoto

Dazziling Lie - まぶしい嘘

FILM | 2007

There is a painter who lost his wife and has not been able to use colors since then. He secludes himself in a small atelier in a forest and keeps on painting black and white drawings. One day a woman comes to the atelier. She is destined to go blind and asks the painter to draw her face with many colors. The painter says everything that is visible is a fake and the woman believes only that which is visible. Before long they fall in love. The painter starts to recall colors by flowers the woman brings everyday. The canvas now overflows with colors. The woman who sees the finished drawing tells a sad lie.

66min / Written&Directed Rina Naganuma
Shuntatou Iizuka Ayumi Narita

A Devoted Garden - 丹青な庭

FILM | 2002

There is a man.
He visits two rooms every day.
In each room there is a big glass case. Inside, there is a woman.
In the blue case is an innocent girl and in the red case is a provocative woman.
The man observes two contrasting women.
He just watches women in narrow case.
He is making sure if he is free. Women are free in confinement.
The man who is free is gradually captured by the women in the case.


37min / Written&Directed Rina Naganuma
Tsuyoshi Nariyama(sleepy.ab)/Ayumi Narita
Lyon Asian Cinema&Culture Festival 2002(Lyon, France)Offcial selection